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Francisco Carrera, 4°F – Saint Gabriel`s

16 mayo, 2013

IB Experience
Two years ago my school offered me the chance to follow de IB plan, I was doubtful at the beginning but my teachers encouraged me to do so, so in the end I accepted it. On my first year I learned by the hard way that you need to be organized to accomplish all the tasks that the IB plan sets you, you have to arrange how and when you will be doing, the reports and homeworks. But now on my second and last year I look back and I can safely say I don’t regret the decision I made, not only I have learned on the academic side, thanks to CAS I’ve learned other realities people live in my own region as well as to be concerned of the difficulties we are having as a global society. So as I think of what IB means to me, I can only think of positive experiences and skills that I developed and that I will have for my whole life and I cannot be more grateful for being an IB student.

Francisco Carrera 4°F