Alumnos, Testimonios

Katherine Yumha, 4° F – Saint Gabriel`s

16 mayo, 2013


The IB program has been an incredible experience. In the past two years I have learned more than I have ever learn in my entire life, and not only about the common subjects, IB has also developed my social skills especially with people we usually do not have contact with. The Baccalaureate has been very helpful to me because it taught me how to be more organized and how to be a more integrated person. I believe that I have become a more mature person and now I take more serious things that in the past I did not even considered important. Beyond all that, the IB gave be more independence which helped me to connect more with myself and try to understand me a little more. The IB with all the things I have mentioned helped to become not just a better student, but a better person.

Katherine Yumha IVth F 2013